Me, myself and I

I moved from London to Brighton 11 years ago and was instantly intoxicated and seduced (but never at the same time), by the city’s creative energy, architecture, beach life and local Waitrose. All these years later, come rain or shine, good times and bad, high tides and low, this city remains my muse. I still admire its buildings, diversity, spirit and creativity. There’s no place I’d rather be than here beside the sea. Beach huts and boats, seascapes and skyscapes, the West Pier, the i360 observation tower and the Royal Pavilion all have my heart soaring like a starling. Inspiring me to create – be it poetry or pictures.

I continue to find inspiration for my work on the streets and through nature, here in the UK and abroad. Often, a photograph is merely the bare bones of an image; the foundation on which a final piece of work is created and completed. After taking a photo, I transfer it to my laptop, then happily experiment with filter software, adjusting colour and saturation levels, to produce unusual images that are familiar, yet different.

My photographs have been exhibited at various Artists Open Houses (an event held every May and December in Brighton and surrounding areas) and have proved popular with the public. Photography aside, I regularly attend open mic poetry nights and write for my blog site, ‘It’s not Shakespeare. But it is Milton’, in which I muse over love, life, the universe and cappuccino.

Enjoy the view —and the views.